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It's easy for us to 'toot' our own horn, we take pride in what we do.  But don't take just our word for it, see what our customers have to say about the experiences that they have had with us. 


"John is the most successful MR research coordinator that I have had or come into contact with during my career.  My reseach and accomplishments over the 5 years (1992-1997) have to a large extent been only possible due to John's effectiveness and sustained efforts."



Val Runge,M.D.

Editor-in-Chief Investigative Radiology

"Angela is a dedicated individual with strong patient skills.  She has acquired a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill...  Angela was one of our foremost MR Technologists.  She consistently applied exceptional judgement when faced with clinical and pathological dilemmas.  She proved her MR skills and value to the practice on a daily basis.  Because Angela engrossed herself into developing a full MR understanding, her MR knowledge increased rapidly to the benefit of our practice."

Leslie Tutt, M.D.,Radiologist

Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging
1635 Scottsville Road

Bowling Green, Kentucky 42104


"John's knowledge and application of MR physics is truly amazing and his protocol development had allowed us to streamline our studies to obtain the optimal pathological information with attention to patient flow and time constraints.  He also has a vast understanding of pathology and tailors exams to properly characterize the pathology."

Leslie Tutt, M.D.,Radiologist

Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging
1635 Scottsville Road

Bowling Green, Kentucky 42104


"I have had the opportunity to work with John Wells as one of our users on our Toshiba 'Ultra' open MRI scanners.  He has shown a remarkable level of MR knowledge... ...His dedication to his patients' comfort as well as his concerns to strive for overall excellent quality in his imaging was outstanding."


Jesse Jacobs, B.S., R.T. (N)(MR)

MRI Clinical Development Specialist

Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.

"I have known John for 16+ years and have had the pleasure of working for and with him as an MRI technologist.  John is incredibly skillful in the art of MRI.  He not only has a vast knowledge of MR physics, which can help optimize protocols, but he also has sincere compassion and understanding of patient care which is equally essential in obtaining improved image quality."


Gary Thompson, B.S.,R.T.,(R)(CT)(MR) 

Facility Manager/Business Developer
Priority Radiology
807 Northgate Boulevard
New Albany, Indiana 47150
(812) 949.0807


"Angela is an excellent technologist and one that I could rely on, even in the most difficult situations. 
She consisently strives to do her best.  She has a strong desire to learn, allowing her to effortlessly become competent on various equipment.  Because of Angela's many positive personality traits, she would be a valuable employee for any company."

Josh Lally, R.T. (N)(MR)

Area Manager/Senior MR Technologist
Diagnostic Shared Services, LLC
(270) 307.2133

"Over the past 16 years, I have known many MRI technologists.  John Wells is one of those rare individuals that completely understands the technology, continues to improve his skills, can manage effectively, and is willing to train others.  John Wells can optimize any vendor's MRI system and increase procedures.  He is patient oriented, but also keenly aware of the need to produce quality images for proper image interpretation."

Rob Gaines, MBA
(270) 282.3793
"John is the most knowledgable MRI technologist that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  His ability in optimizing our protocols increased our patient throughput while increasing image quality."



Brian Stephens, R.T. (R)(CT)(MR)
Technical Manager 
Western Kentucky Diagnostic Imaging
(888) 746.9500

It has truly been a great pleasure to work with John from a service perspective, his extensive knowledge of MRI, attention to detail, and his willingness to work in concert with service to maximize system performance has paid off on all of our joint projects."


Mike Dryden
Senior Customer Service Engineer
Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc.
(800) 621.1968 Ext. 3078

"John, Thank you for your hard work and dedication in solving our customers' imaging problems.  I strongly recommend to any Radiology Department needing your skills in MRI applications to use your vast talents to obtain the absolute best image quality from their imaging system."
Ray Balmer
Retired Service Manager
General Electric Medical Systems
(502) 693.5429

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